Doctors and professionals zone

Children aged 6 to 12 years

School services

Prevention activities related to various health and sexuality issues, dental hygiene, vaccinations, social skills, group interactions and management of emotions, are provided.

Psychosocial follow-up and individual and family intervention are offered to students experiencing situations that interfere with their learning.

Parenting support

Support and counselling are offered to families and youth experiencing difficulties, including:

  • adaptation of new arrivals
  • adaptation to different life cycles
  • development phases of a child
  • discipline and structure
  • lack of resources
  • family and conjugal violence
  • illness;
  • depression
  • suicide and drug usage

Services for physical and intellectual disabilities and autism spectrum disorders

Psychosocial services include support, counselling, information and referrals to appropriate resources and available financial support programs:

The program "Soutien à la famille" is available to families living with a disabled person and provides them with monetary support so that they can access respite services (eligibility criteria apply).

The POSILTPH program (intensive long-term services for disabled people) can help provide home support services for families living with a disabled person (eligibility criteria apply).