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If you are pregnant and don't have a family doctor, you can contact our CLSC and register with our access service.

Prenatal courses

Prenatal courses help future parents prepare for childbirth and create the best possible conditions for the mother, father and unborn child.

The CSSS Cavendish offers the choice to participate in prenatal classes or an online program.

The subjects covered in prenatal courses include:

  • becoming parents; 
  • information on the course of pregnancy;
  • lifestyle considerations;
  • nutrition of the mother and the newborn;
  • preparing for delivery;
  • labour and delivery;
  • caring for the newborn;
  • breastfeeding;
  • returning home after delivery.

Prenatal classes at the CLSC:

These 4 meetings, animated by a nurse, are an opportunity for parents-to-be to get answers to the main questions that can arise during pregnancy and to discuss and share experiences with other expecting mothers and fathers.
You should try to register as of your 12th week of pregnancy by calling one of our CLSCs where you will be given all relevant information. The meetings usually start between week 20 and week 25 of the pregnancy and last 4 weeks.
Prenatal program on line:

A New Life is a program offered on line that includes eight learning modules intended for the mother to be, her partner and her family.  This program proposes an original and innovative way to obtain information about physical and emotional transformations that occur during pregnancy, childbirth and the baby’s first few weeks of life.

Advantages of the on-line version of the prenatal course:

  • flexibility and convenience you need to learn at your own pace; 
  • view the modules according to your schedule while learning from the comfort of your home;
  • more content and information;
  • links with other sites for additional information;
  • possibility to print;
  • opportunity to consult the information as much as you want;
  • access to the site during your pregnancy and after the birth of the baby (access during one year);
  • possibility to ask questions to a CSSS nurse, by e-mail or phone;
  • personalised follow-up with a CSSS nurse, prior the birth due date.

To request an access to the New Life program, you have to call one of our CLSCs.

OLO program

The OLO (eggs, milk and oranges) program provides low-income mothers-to-be with free healthy food and vitamin supplements. OLO seeks to improve the nutrition, health and well-being of pregnant women so that they can give birth to healthy babies.
If you would like to take advantage of this program, contact one of our CLSCs.