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People with loss of autonomy

The CSSS Cavendish offers many services to seniors and individuals with decreased independence, and to their families and caregivers, including:

  • overall health evaluations;
  • evaluations of home adaptation needs; 
  • advice on nutrition, exercise, healthy lifestyle habits and fall prevention; 
  • physiotherapy;
  • respite for caregivers;
  • occupational therapy services (evaluation of home adaptation needs, evaluation of functional capabilities to perform personal hygiene tasks and take part in leisure activities);
  • assistance with personal care; 
  • nursing care; 
  • psychological support; and 
  • end-of-life care and homemaking assistance. 

These services may be offered at the CLSC or at home. Some services are also provided in cooperation with community organizations. When home care services no longer meet the needs of a person whose autonomy is significantly decreased, social workers from your CSSS can help you apply for a residential placement.