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Rehabilitation services

In-patient rehabilitation programs

The mission of our rehabilitation programs is to provide our clients with adequate support so that they can acquire their functional autonomy and return safely to their home or the community. Our programs also aim to improve the level of functioning and quality of life for clients who cannot return home.

  • Stroke/neuro program
    The majority of clients in this program are referred to us from an acute care hospital after a recent stroke. Clients with neurological conditions other than stroke, such as Parkinson’s, Multiple Sclerosis, brain tumours, may also be eligible for rehabilitation. In 2013, this program was recognized by Accreditation Canada.
  • Musculoskeletal and subacute program
    Clients in these programs are admitted from an acute care hospital. They have difficulties resuming their daily activities, such as walking, as a result of an overall decrease in strength and endurance. A short rehabilitation stay is beneficial to help them regain their strength and abilities in order to return home.
  • Geriatric rehabilitation program
    Clients in this program are admitted from an acute care hospital. They benefit from a special approach, which takes into account the physical, mental, emotional and social problems often associated with aging. They may benefit from shorter treatment sessions and may take longer to recuperate. Many patients are able to return home after their rehab stay, while others may require additional help provided in a long term care facility.
  • Outpatient program
    The mission is to provide an alternative to hospitalization, allowing intensive rehabilitation and ensuring community reintegration. This program maximizes functional independence. 

Home rehabilitation

The mission is to offer a continuity of care received during hospitalization. The home rehabilitation program ensures a secure environment at home and aims to increase the level of functioning of our clients.

Rehabilitation objectives: 

  • provide support to the client and family during hospitalization and prepare for a safe return home or plan for alternate living arrangements;
  • ensure a safe home environment for the client once discharged;
  • ensure that rehabilitation services in the CLSC correspond with hospital rehabilitation objectives;
  • optimize independence in daily and domestic living activities;
  • ensure continuity of rehabilitation as an outpatient, if required.