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Residential services

The Henri-Bradet, St-Andrew, Father-Dowd and St-Margaret residential centres offer a substitute living environment that is adapted to the needs of their residents. It takes into account the preferences and differences of residents while respecting their freedoms of choice and actions in a group environment.  

Access to residential services

The resident must first make a request for placement with his or her CLSC (or with the hospital if the person is hospitalized). The request is then evaluated and submitted to the Agence de la santé et des services sociaux de Montréal. Once the request has been accepted, the name of the future resident is added to the waiting list of a residence of his or her choice. The organization invites the person to visit the residence prior to admission.

Welcome guide for new residents

Services offered

  • Medical services – 24 hours a day.
  • Nursing services – 24 hours a day.
    Care is planned according to the resident's physical, psychological, social, cultural and spiritual needs. It is planned in collaboration with the resident, his or her family and the multidisciplinary team. The objective is to promote the autonomy of the resident within the context of his or her capacities.
  • Social services
    The goal of social services is to promote the personal, familial and social well-being of the resident in order to strengthen his or her ability to adapt to and integrate into the new living environment. A social worker is available to residents and their families. Individual counseling and family support groups are offered.
  • Recreation activities
    Recreation services provide an opportunity for residents to participate in activities that reflect their current and past cultural interests. A varied program of activities is offered in a homelike environment. Programs for therapeutic sensory stimulation called snoezelen are also available to the clientele. The garden is a real oasis for residents and their families who want to get some fresh air. 
  • Occupational therapy
    The occupational therapy program helps residents to maintain their functional and cognitive capacities. 
  • Physiotherapy services
    Physiotherapy treats and prevents mobility problems resulting from pain, injuries, accidents, illness or problems linked to aging.
  • Nutrition services
    Nutrition services provide nutritious and balanced meals. A meeting with the dietician or dietetic technician allows residents, from the time of their arrival and at any other time, to evaluate their needs and food preferences in order to maintain or improve their state of health.
  • Volunteer services
    Volunteer services complement the programs and services offered. Volunteers work in collaboration with the staff members.
  • Pastoral services
    Pastoral services promote the spiritual well-being of residents. Religious services for various faiths as well as a variety of other religious and spiritual activities are available.
  • Laundry services 
  • Pharmaceutical services 
    The pharmacist works in close collaboration with the medical team and is responsible for the use of medication in the residences, its control and conservation, as well as filling of prescriptions.
  • Pedicures
    These professional services are offered at a moderate price. A foot care clinic is organized once a week.
  • Safety and security
    In order to ensure the safety and security of our residents, all rooms, bathrooms and common areas are equipped with an easy to use nurse calling system. An emergency measures plan is in place to address various situations should they arise: heatwaves, flu pandemic, fires, disasters and psychosocial emergencies. Security is the responsibility of everyone.