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St-Margaret's day centre

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Our day centre works jointly with our homecare services. The activities offered help seniors to remain at home, avoid social isolation and maintain their physical and social skills, and provide respite to their caregivers. 

Our day centre provides preventive and therapeutic activities for older people living at home with a loss of physical, cognitive or psychosocial autonomy. Our mission is to promote and enhance the autonomy and quality of life of older people and their families using an approach that promotes wellness. 

On average, our day centre can accommodate between 25-28 people every day. Transportation between home and the centre, as well as lunch, are offered at low prices. In general, clients attend our centre, once or twice a week, depending on capacity. 

The activities offered in our day centre 

The daily program includes cognitive, therapeutic and recreational activities, music therapy, art therapy, gardening, exercises and discussion groups on various topics. 

Our goals are to: 

  • minimize the impact of physical, cognitive, psychological and social limitations of people with a loss of autonomy; 
  • improve quality of life by maintaining and optimizing the autonomy and functional abilities of people with loss of autonomy; 
  • provide social support to clients and their caregivers and refer, where appropriate, to other community resources; 
  • inform the client and caregiver about different health strategies; 
  • sensitize clients and their caregivers to safety issues by presenting appropriate strategies;
  • eliminate social isolation; 
  • provide respite to caregivers (if applicable); 
  • provide a conducive learning environment for students. 

Clients must be referred by staff of the CSSS Cavendish. Clients can also be referred by hospitals or rehabilitation centres, but must be followed by a case manager of the CSSS Cavendish.