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Montreal abortion appointment centre

The decision to continue a pregnancy or get an abortion is a personal one.
The abortion appointment centre provides all women who make this choice with FREE and quick access (within 2 weeks) to abortion services on the Island of Montreal.

Staff who provide this service respect each woman's decision and do not pass judgement. They perform the procedure and follow patients with the utmost confidentially, impartiality and respect.

To have this procedure done free of charge, you need a valid health insurance card, immigration certificate or any other document that gives you access to health care in Quebec. If you do not have insurance under the Quebec health care plan, we can help you, but you will have to pay fees before the procedure.
To get a free appointment for an abortion in Montreal: 514-380-8299 

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To find out more about abortion services available in Quebec (eligibility, legislation),consult le Portail santé mieux-être (in French)