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Clinical field placements

To submit a field placement request

The CSSS Cavendish and the Centre for Research and Expertise in Social Gerontology (CREGES) offer rewarding opportunities for training and professional development. Visit the CREGES website to learn more and use this online form (English version to come) if you would like to submit a field placement request.

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Our opportunities

Student seminar program

The Student Seminar Program, a unique and innovative program, implemented as part of the CSSS Cavendish field placement program, has been lauded for the attention it gives its students and their professional preparation.

The student seminar program offers the following activities:

  • An orientation day.
  • Bi-monthly seminars that address various themes, such as professional ethics, confidentiality, dossiers, psychosocial evaluation, forms and assessment tools, etc.
  • Meetings are held to allow students to provide their feedback on the program and their field placement experience.
  • A support system has been implemented for clinical supervisors with this responsibility of teaching students. This system ensures that the supervisors have a positive supervision and teaching experience. 

International field placement program

The CSSS Cavendish welcomes students from abroad to participate in the CSSS experience in Québec. The CSSS has established contacts with various schools in France, and since 1996, has been receiving students from Provence. Numerous requests received from European students continue to be processed. The field placement program enables foreign students to experience the health and social services field in Québec and to get to know this structure which benefits its residents.

Goals and educational methods

Establishing learning goals ensures that a student can maximize his or her potential. To this end, a learning contract is developed by both the student and the field placement supervisor. This agreement provides structure for the field placement by clearly identifying the specific learning goals as well as the roles and responsibilities of the participants. The contract identifies:

  • the learning goals
  • the activities, projects and coursework that will be undertaken in order to meet the goals
  • methods for student evaluation

The contract is completed at the beginning of the field placement period and is executed collaboratively between student and field placement supervisor. The field placement supervisor evaluates the skills of the student on the basis of the learning contract. The contract is renegotiable.