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Residents' Committees and Users' Committee

The mandate of the users' committee and residents' committees is to protect the rights of users. These committees must ensure that users are treated with respect for their dignity and rights. They represent the users with the authorities of the institution.

Respect of users' rights, quality of services and client satisfaction are what guide their actions. They have a particular concern for the most vulnerable clients and work to promote the improvement in the conditions of people living in long term care.

The members are clients and volunteers of CSSS Cavendish. Two members of the users' committee sit on the CSSS Cavendish Board of Directors and one member of each residents' committee sits on the users' committee.

To contact the
users' committee

514-484-7878, extension 1728
To contact the
residents' committees
Henri-Bradet Residential Centre
St-Andrew Residential Centre
Father-Dowd Residential Centre
St-Margaret Residential Centre