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Residential centres

Residential centres, or residential and long-term care centres (CHSLDs), care for adults whose decreased independence prevents them from continuing to live on their own. Most elderly people who are referred to a residential centre require more than three hours of care a day.

CHSLDs provide:

  • accommodation, assistance, support and/or supervision;
  • psychosocial services (psychologists, community organizers);
  • nursing care;
  • drug administration, medical and rehabilitation services.

Father-Dowd Residential Centre

6565 Hudson, Montréal, Quebec H3S 2T7

Telephone : 514-932-3630

Henri-Bradet Residential Centre

6465 Chester Avenue, Montréal, Quebec H4V 2Z8

Telephone: 514-484-7878

Fax: 514-483-4596

Saint-Andrew Residential Centre

3350 Cavendish Boulevard, Montréal, Quebec H4B 2M7

Telephone: 514-932-3630

Saint-Margaret Residential Centre

50 Hillside Avenue, Westmount, Quebec H3Z 1V9 

Telephone: 514-932-3630