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The Integrated Health and Social Services University Network for West-Central Montreal (CIUSSS West-Central Montreal) is affiliated with universities in Montreal. It also works in partnership with public and private colleges and other universities. At any one of our sites, students and/or residents, under the supervision of healthcare and social services professionals, may observe, examine or treat you, as well as offer you services. You may also be contacted by healthcare providers and research assistants to participate in research projects, on the understanding that the research of today creates the care of tomorrow. This commitment to training future experts is a key element in the role of each facility that belongs to our network.

As part of our network's university mission, CIUSSS West-Central Montreal is committed to providing the highest quality of care and services in partnership with our users and their families, as well as advancing the knowledge and practices of health and the social sciences. This is accomplished through excellence in research, education and innovation, which ultimately enhances the care and services that this institution provides.

The CSSS Cavendish is one of six Health and Social Services Centres in Québec with the status of centre affilié universitaire (CAU).

We are affiliated with Université du Québec à Montréal, McGill University and Université de Montréal.

Our university mission is in the field of social gerontology. It is the Centre for Research and Expertise in Social Gerontology that carries out the mission.

Social gerontology: an enlarged vision of aging

Social gerontology addresses the social dimensions of the aging of individuals. It focuses on the many ways of aging and on the rich diversity of seniors.

The aim is to ensure that seniors take their rightful place in society without any form of exclusion that is linked to their age or condition.

These are the four aspects of the CSSS Cavendish university mission in social gerontology: