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Leading services

The CSSS Cavendish practitioners are are knowledgable about best practices and are looking to improve care and services provided to seniors by being aware of their needs. The Centre for Research and Expertise in Social Gerontology (CREGÉS) supports these initiatives by allocating funds to projects that emerge from practice. This is what we call our leading practices and services in social gerontology.

Leading services in social gerontology

A leading service in social gerontology is an innovative interdisciplinary service that, in collaboration with a research team or researcher, develops and improves professional practices to respond to the specific needs of seniors. There are currently five areas of specialization:

  • support to caregivers; 
  • elder abuse
  • mental health and aging;
  • health and aging: prevention and promotion; 
  • palliative care in the community.

All these leading services include four main components:

  • specialized direct services;
  • research activities linked to an area of expertise, including program evaluation;
  • knowledge sharing activities with other practitioners and teaching of students;
  • partnerships with institutions, community groups and individuals.