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Characteristics of the population

There are 121 900 people living on the territory of the CSSS Cavendish, which represents about seven per cent of the population of Montreal.

The unemployment rate is lower than the rest of Montreal as is the percentage of people receiving employment-assistance. The number of people living below the poverty level is also lower. 

A large portion of the population is aged 65 years and older, which represents 18.3 per cent of the population (the Montreal average is 15.5 per cent). We also have a larger proportion than Montreal of families with children (64.1 per cent versus 62.7 per cent).

Another characteristic of the population living on the territory of the CSSS Cavendish is the large proportion of people whose mother tongue is other than French or English (35.2 per cent versus the Montreal average of 32.6 per cent).

More than 40 per cent of the population are immigrants (Montreal has 30.7 per cent) and 10.1 per cent of the immigrant population arrived in Canada between 2001 and 2006 (Montreal counts 7.5 per cent). The territory of CLSC de Benny Farm has a greater number of immigrants than the territory of CLSC René-Cassin.

Health of the population

Regarding the health of the population, on average it is better than in Montreal. Life expectancy is higher, with men at 81.9 years of age and women at 85.5 (Montreal: men 79.5 years of age and women 83.8 years of age).

Deaths due to cancer or respiratory or circulatory diseases are at a lower level than the whole of the island of Montreal. However, the number of diabetes cases is higher than in Montreal, and that number is increasing.

To find out more about the population of the territory, please consult the website of the Agence de santé et services sociaux de Montréal (in French only).